Of all the times I’ve seen #brandnew , this is the first I’ve seen Mix Tape live ❤️

Pumpkin candle, chocolate beer and scary movies…best way to destress after a crazy day 😁

We’re here!!! (at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Happy hour at the cutest hotel! (at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort)

My morning tea. I was feeling a bit nostalgic after last night’s #doctorwho premiere, love #Capaldi as the doctor but I still miss #eleven

Happy Birthday #harrypotter!! We are having too much fun at the library today


Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.

This just made me very happy =]


While walking through the stacks, I saw a woman looking at a book I love to recommend so I stopped to say, “Oh, that’s a great series! Your kids are gonna love it.”

She turned to respond but then said, “Whoa! I love your hair,” and then she started to pet my hair.

Suddenly she pulled her hand…

This isn’t my story…but something very similar has happened to me…twice. Along with a woman tugging on my hair because she thought I was wearing a wig…
Read what you want.


As librarians, we will never judge you.  We would never judge you.  We sideeye those who do.

In response to THAT article, and in solidarity with the sentiments over here (at the New Republic) and over here (with NSFW language, a bit, at Jezebel).

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I don’t give a shit what you read!  Erotica?  I’ll get it for you.  Obscure manga?  OCLC to the rescue.  That one book with the blue cover and the thingy?  I will go down a black research hole for you and then I will put a hold on it.


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